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The Montgomery Bar Association (MBA) formally endorsed The Zutz Insurance Group, now Willis of Delaware, Inc., in 2008 in order to offer quality insurance products and services (download a PDF of our Products and Services) to their members. MBA Lawyers can support their Bar Association and their many important programs through the purchase of insurance through Willis. See our MBA Marketplace listing under Insurance here.

We have three qualified and dedicated insurance specialists ready to help MBA members, members' employees, and referrals with all of your insurance needs. Contact Steve Taylor or Kurt Taylor for Property & Casualty and Professional Liability and contact Aaron Mitchell for Benefits (download a PDF of our extensive Benefits value-added services).

866-961-MBAI (6224)

Steve Taylor

Property & Casualty
Professional Liability

Kurt Taylor

Property & Casualty
Professional Liability

Aaron Mitchell, CBC



"Sure it was the cost savings that first caught our attention of the Willis Group however it is the service and knowledge of the marketplace that keeps us a client of Willis."
Michael F. Rogers, Esquire
Salvo Rogers & Elinski
"Professional Liability can be a large portion of our insurance budget. Controlling cost, providing the coverage we need while recommending a highly rated carrier who has been quick to respond to our inquiries is one of the reasons we changed our coverage to the Willis Group. We felt we had nothing to lose and everything to gain, we found out we were right."
Marc Robert Steinberg, Esquire
Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, PC
"With all the new insurance carriers coming into the marketplace today, each promising different coverage features for different reasons, we felt more than ever we needed the expertise of a broker who had access to many carriers and who could recommend the right carrier for our firm. Steve Taylor and his staff provided quick responses to all of our questions and provided several options for our insurance needs. We are glad we chose Willis as our broker."
Bruce Pancio, Esquire
Walsh Pancio, LLC
"The folks at [Willis] have been great. One of their agents, Steve Taylor, came to my office and discussed my options with me personally. This is the first time someone selling malpractice insurance came to my office at my convenience and discussed options. I found them very professional and feel confident to have these folks in my corner."
Ellen S. Fischer, Esquire
The Law Offices of Ellen S. Fischer, Willow Grove, PA
MBA Director and Past Family Law Section Chair
"Thank you for passing along the information on [Willis] as an MBA partner. I never would have taken the time to price-shop my malpractice insurance, but we did contact [Willis] and inquire. I am now placing my malpractice coverage with them. The premium for the identical coverage is 41% less than my current policy! Huge savings."
Joanna M. Furia, Esquire
Law Office of Joanna M. Furia